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I've been rather distracted lately.  My February promised to be a busy month, full of lots of comings and goings and it hasn't disappointed I must say.

It's been full of lots of good things though.  A trip up to see Stylecraft for the latest Blogstars meet up,  a really fun afternoon of yarn dying with my fibre friend Sam (Betsy Makes) and to cap it off nicely, my first ever trip to Unravel.  Pretty exciting stuff and more on those things will be coming.

But add in there a half-term, a birthday, a few secret projects and some trips for DH too and you've got a fairly packed few weeks.  No wonder I have that dazed 'where did the last month go?' look on my face right now!

You'd think I'd have lots of wonderful tales and pictures of all these goings on to share with you but I'm afraid when the going gets busy my 'recording things for the blog' instinct seem to fall by the way side and so there seems little to show for all the recent shenanigan…

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