02 August 2016

Fibre East 2016

I promised I'd be back to give you a little taste of the Fibre East fun and I have to say this year was my favourite yet.

Maybe it's because now I know what a big event this is, I make sure I prepare accordingly.  By preparing I mean having a few months of yarn spending abstinence and some serious saving.  That part is pretty tough, but utterly worth it to have a bit of a wedge to take on the day, because I knew I'd need it!

The top photo, as you might have gathered, is my booty from the day.  Well most of it anyway, there's a little more which you'll see at the bottom of the post.  I didn't go with too much of a shopping list or a plan at all but I certainly made a few while I was there.  My head is spinning with lots of new ideas and things I want to make right now!

I've taken a few pictures of give you an idea of the kind of fabulousness available...

Easy Knits 

Five Moons 

Renee Callahan Designs of East London Knit

 Kettle Yarn Co

 My Goodies

Basket: Basket Basket
Easy Knits
Truly Hooked
Five Moons 
The Travel Knitter
The Knitting Swede

More of My Goodies!

Baskets: Basket Basket
T-Shirt Yarn: Creative You

As is rapidly becoming a little tradition with us, I went with my yarny bud Sam from Betsy Makes.  This time we visited on the Sunday and it was apparently quite a bit quieter than the Saturday but I think it was actually quite enjoyable for that.  It wasn't too crowded on the stands so you could get to see things easily and there certainly didn't seem to be any shortage of lovely things to buy at every turn.

It's hard to give you an idea of the scale of the event and all that was on offer from just a few photos but there are 3 halls and then another 3 huge marques packed full of yarny delights, plus some extra outside stands from local craft organizations and a sheep shearing show.  You'll find every yarn related craft, equipment and expert you can think of there from knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, rug making, felting, needles, hooks, yarn bowls, spinning wheels, looms, spindles, haberdashery, food, drink, sheep and a new meet up area this year too.  Pretty awesome!

: :

If you want to get a real feel of being there, Mina of The Knitting Expat has a great Fibre East vlog showing her trip there this year, which I still enjoyed watching even though I'd seen it all with my own eyes.

: :

I'll show you all my lovely goodies in a little more detail soon.  Probably when I next manage to get a podcast up but if there's anything that's absolutely calling to you in the meantime, then please just give me a shout and I'll let you know what it is in more detail.

Have a lovely August 

S x



28 July 2016

Gearing up and kicking back...

The summer holidays are finally here.

Time to kick back, relax and take things slow for a while.

It's only the first week and somehow I haven't really eased into it yet.  What exactly should my routine be when I don't have to get up at a certain time, leave the house at a certain time and generally run my day to suit the schedule of others?  Somehow I feel freer and lighter than I normally would, like nothing is set in stone and we are free to do what we like.  Which we are I guess.  It's nice.

Little Miss has been enjoying the novelty of having her days free too, and so far, has been occupying herself quite a lot of the time.  I'll find her tucked away somewhere busy reading, drawing or with the ipad.  She asked to bake biscuits the other day and was quite happy to get on with it alone, that was a new development.  She did a good job too.

Funnily enough, now it's time to take it easy, I'm feeling a bit like my energy levels have started to rise a little.  Strange timing.  Still, maybe they will be right up by the time the holiday is over!

We've also been gearing up to the idea of making some changes around here.

If you've been reading lately, you might know that we had been planning on a house move soon but if you've also been watching my podcast, particularly the last one, you might also know that the move is now off!  I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say a spanner or two found it's way into the works and it's not going to be happening now.  

It was a bit of a blow at first as you can imagine but now a little time has passed and the dust has settled I'm feeling pretty chipper about the situation.  Really.  I do still love this old place after all and although she may not be perfect, the old girl still has plenty of charm as far as I am concerned.

So, best foot forward is now the motto around these parts, as to be honest, she is looking a little tired and worn around the edges.  Definitely in need of a little TLC and a general spruce up I think.  Maybe even a slightly more in depth sprucing might be in order.  I'm thinking of the two toughest rooms... the kitchen and bathroom - urgh!

In the meantime though, we're starting with a slightly easier project which means that I might well be on the move after all.  Just to the end of the garden this time though.

Intriguing eh?

Unfortunately, I must leave you with that tantalising tidbit for now as the reason for this post was actually supposed to be me signing off for a little holiday break.

I'm not planning on doing too much posting in August, there's the  school holidays and we'll be going away too.  So it will mostly likely be fairly quiet around here until September...

I do intend to try and remember to take some Fiber East snaps at the weekend to show you though, and there is a strong possibility of some serious stash enhancement to share too, so I'll try and pop in next week with that.

Have a wonderful and happy crafty summer.
(Or winter or course...)

See you soon!

S x



26 July 2016

Friends Around the World CAL

I'm very pleased today to be part of something rather big and rather special happening in the world of crochet.  I also have the pleasure of welcoming some lovely new folks to my blog today too.  Hi!

In case you don't know what all this is about, let me explain a little...

Earlier this year I was flattered to be asked to join a talented group of crocheters and designers arranging a special Crochet Along called the 'Friends Around the World Anniversary CAL'.  An idea that has set up and organized by the wonderful people behind the 'CAL - Crochet Along' group on Facebook, which in case you don't know is a great way to find out about and get involved in current crochet alongs.

Their rather splendid notion was to was to create a blanket CAL that would made up of different crocheted blocks, each to be a unique pattern dreamt by some wonderful and well loved crochet designers.

It's an idea that is not only to mark the anniversary of Crochet Along FB group, which has already grown to an impressive 24 thousand strong, but also to celebrate the truly worldwide nature of the membership.  The CAL team have therefore managed to arrange to translate every single block pattern included in the CAL into no less than ten different languages!

So now that you know what this rather special project is all about, let me waste no time in sharing my little contribution to it and that's my 'Compass Points' Square.

We were asked to design something that would be fairly simple and so I have kept my stitches as straightforward as possible.  The most complicated, the Puff Stitch, I would call a intermediate level, so if you would like some more help with that one you can find my Puff Stitch tutorial here.

I also wanted to reflect the worldwide nature of this project and so I decided a block including every compass direction would fit rather nicely.  So, whether you be in the North, South, East or West, I hope you'll enjoy whipping up this block and being a part of this CAL.



Available in English (US Terms) and
Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French (coming soon), German, Hebrew, Korean, Spanish, Swedish

: :  CAL LINKS   : :

CAL - Crochet Along Facebook Group
A fun group full of  current CAL chatter and information, including the Friends Around the World CAL

Crochet Along Blog
Find information and links to all the Friends Around the World CAL patterns

Friends Around the World CAL Facebook Event
For chatter and help on the CAL

S x



21 July 2016

Podcast Episode 16

Ravelry Episode Thread

Show Notes

: :   DOING   : :

Needs a name scarf...
Pattern:  Coming Soon
Yarn: Batik by Stylecraft

: :   DONE   : :

Refreshing in June Socks
Pattern: Fine and Dandy Socks by The Sweater Co
Yarn: Violets by Norah George
Ravelry Page

: :   DONEISH   : :

Can I Make a Cardigan?

Pattern: From my head!
Yarn: Bergere de France Ideal
Ravelry Page

: :   STASH FLASH   : :

Smooth Sock in Rose Garden by The Wool Barn

Party Bird Bag by Sew Sweet Violet

: :   MENTIONS   : :

Betsy Makes
Fiber East
Stylecraft Blogstars

S x



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